Data Ache

The 21st International Conference on Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA) Hosted by the Arts Institute at the University of Plymouth (UK)

10–13 September 2017

Conference Organiser, and curator of conference exhibition, at Radiant Gallery, Plymouth.

We’re drowning (not waving) in a sea of data – with data, data everywhere, but not a drop of information.” (US National Security Agency, in Hito Steyerl 2016)

This major international transdisciplinary conference explores the use and misuse of data in the digital arts and humanities: in particular, the material, practical and theoretical challenges imposed by data and the digital turn; and the tensions, difficulties and creative potentials that data provokes.

The conference will explore the bittersweet pain of the scholar in search of absent data, groaning under the weight of vast data-sets or grappling with and cleansing dirty data; the possibilities of networked communities, relationships and identities, mediated through data storage and transmission technologies; the manipulative power to process text and image; the seemingly unlimited opportunities for media and culture made accessible, and sharable, and malleable through its status as data.