Fragmentary Poetics

This ongoing research explores ideas around temporality and contemporaraneity, particularly as they are affected by information technology, and post-digital practices.

Nolan, Ryan, Prior, Andrew and Cox, Geoff (upcoming) “The Crackle of Contemporaneity”, in de Assis, Paulo and Schwab, Michael eds. (2019) Futures of the Contemporary, Orpheus Institute

Prior, Andrew (2018) “Temporal Poetics in Thomson and Craighead’s ‘The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order'”, in Time and Temporality in Art and Culture – Passepartout Journal, Aarhus University

Prior, Andrew (2017) “Fragmentary Poetics – Mediality in ‘The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order’ by Thomson and Craighead, 2010”, at The Contemporary Contemporary Conference, ARoS Gallery, Aarhus